A Boldog Munkahely Programba kiválasztásos alapon lehet bekerülni.
A Boldog Munkahely Programra történő jelentkezéshez, kérjük töltsd ki, és küldd el az alábbi űrlapot. Munkatársunk 2 munkanapon belül felkeres Téged a megadott elérhetőségek valamelyikén.

Just a reminder

the benefits of a positive work environment

which you could win with the Happy Workplace Program:

  • Business growth
  • Növekvő termelékenység és értékesítési ráta
  • More creative, innovative environment
  • More efficient company
  • Less fluctuation
  • Lower health costs
  • Less error
  • Less accidents
  • Less sick leave
  • Quicker recovery from unexpected events
  • Greater customer loyalty and commitment

In a happier workplace people…

  • are more committed and ready to work extra hours
  • find more flow, meaning and goals in their work
  • are less stressed
  • cope with their problems and conflicts more successfully
  • are nicer and more trustworthy to their colleagues
  • have more respect and are better leaders
  • are more helpful and support each other
  • can work in teams and cooperate better
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